Question by  Mari (134)

How do I secure 6" x 6" posts to concrete?


Answer by  brianpazdernik (35)

Most lumber yards or home improvement stores sell concrete ancors. You drill a hole in the concrete and bolt them into the concrete with a redhead.


Answer by  geonebular (53)

If the concrete has already been placed and cured you can secure the posts by drilling and epoxying appropriately sized bolts in the concrete and after allowing them to cure in place attach the posts. Or you can put the posts in place during concrete pouring and bolt in place later.


Answer by  MrHardware (369)

Use a post anchor bracket. The bracket is connected to the concrete with anchor bolts. The post is then secured to the braket with lag screws.


Answer by  ranjeetbanot (3)

post with concrete need to made up with steel bars. the foundation for the post will require three feet dig with three mm steel bars and concrete mix and let item cured 48 hrs and errection of the post with the help of 6 mm iron and concrete mix can be done. allow this structure to cure for 48 hrs.


Answer by  jbuhr06 (126)

For existing concrete, use a hammer drill to drill bolt holes and mount the bolts and 6x6 to a steel steel mounting bracket.

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