Question by  VTER (5)

How do I repair a leaky pond?


Answer by  anuragdrit (5)

First you need to empty the pond locate the area where its getting leaked, fill that area with the cement.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

Drain the pond. Find the leak. Turn off all electrical components. Patch the leak with a plastic leak kit. Refill the pond, check for leaks and if there is none, plug everything back on. If you have fish in the pond you will need to fish them out and put in a pan with water until the leak is mended.


Answer by  Mallika (449)

You can repair a leaky pond by building small heightless walls on the sorroundings of the pond. If it is one way leaking only repair that side.


Answer by  worker9487 (8)

hai, Constructing the pond a lifetime only. We will focus our leak location and repair strategies is SYNTHETIC LINED BASINS, NATURALLY LINED BASINS

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