Question by  Ed63 (10)

How do I remove urine on a particle board sub flooring?

I need to remove the urine smell from my sub flooring.


Answer by  Jim78 (76)

The first thing to do is locate the beams under the particle board. Mark them clearly so you will not cut them. Use a Skill saw and cut about 2 inches outside these lines you have marked. Use a pry bar for the particle board directly on to of beams.


Answer by  livingbroke (31)

Particle board is one material that cannot be deep cleaned. Unfortunately you will need to replace all of the sub flooring that is affected. May be easier to replace the whole thing.


Answer by  sammyrags (82)

Once the flooring or carpeting is lifted you need to clean the area with bleach. Once the area has been cleaned a dried throughly you can sprinkle dry fresh gound coffe on the area. Allow to sit for a day then clean it up. Its that simple.

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