Question by  ashleydoll (93)

What should I use for backer board under hardwood?

I'm putting in new floors.


Answer by  Rachel69 (12)

From the research I've done I have come to the conclusion that the best backerboard for hardwood flooring is the cement backerboard, which can be purchased from any hardware store. This type of backerboard will not crumble or crack if any sort of liquid gets through so it's overall the most resiliant and therefore best backerboard available for hardwood.


Answer by  333221 (74)

The best backerboard that could be used under hardwood flooring would be cement backerboard. With little deterioration or cracking, it will last the longest. Luckily enough it can be found in any home hardware store.


Answer by  arnab89 (11)

The best backer board under hardwood is the cement backer can be purchased form any hardware store.It will not crack if any kind of liquid gets through.


Answer by  jamespence (22)

I am a home remodeling contractor and I do some hardwood floors. I would say the manufacturer of the hardwood has recommendations for warranty purposes. I use roofing tar paper.


Answer by  Jalaine11 (2043)

A very good type of backer board to use under your hardwood floor is a cement backer board. This is a good option because it will not deteriorate if water gets through to the backer board. You can purchase this type of backer board at your local home improvement store.

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