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Question by  baozer (17)

What is the best treatment for arthritis in the lumbar area?

I have been diagnosed with arthritis in my lower back and want to know how I can relieve the pain.


Answer by  worker7654 (1033)

Exercise can relieve some of the pain along with some supplements like glucosamine that can be added to your diet. This will help with pain and also should slow the progression. Surgery can be used in extreme cases but exercise will help since it releases endorphines and helps relieve pain.


Answer by  worker6862 (30)

Before starting the treatment you have to know whether your arthritis is an autoimmune disorder or is acquired. For rheumatoid arthritis drugs like methotrexate, sulfazalazine, leflunomide etc are used.


Answer by  11worker (86)

There are multiple treatment options, but they really depend on your symptoms and what you believe works best for you. Some treatment options include: physical therapy, weightloss, anti-inflammatory medications, ice and heat applications, chiropractic therapy. There are many alternative treatments as well: natural remedies and acupuncture.

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