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Question by  KGates (16)

What could be the cause of pressure in the groin area?

I am having a lot of groin pressure.


Answer by  Syl60 (33)

I beleive this is caused by a compressed disc. Compressed discs are a potential cause of left groin pain but there are several other conditions that can cause similar symptoms. You should go to a good chiropractor and let him evaluate the problem. After about 10 treatments you should feel some relief.


Answer by  nicolebrodeur (206)

Muscle pulls, tissue bruises, tears of tendons or ligaments, nerve damage, broken blood vessels, bone contusions, kidney stones and an enlarged prostate are all very common causes for groin pressure.


Answer by  soapjunkie (581)

This could be caused by a multitude of factors that can range from an inguinal (groin) hernia to a simple strain. I would contact your doctor for further evaluation and possible treatment. In the meantime, avoid lifting heavy objects, avoid straining while defecating or urinating, and just rest and relax.


Answer by  Melissa101010 (4405)

The cause of the pressure could be a bladder infection, kidney stones, yeast infection, std, or one of numerous things. It is best to go see a doctor or go to your local health department to get tested for all of these problems and get it taken care of soon as possible so that it does not get worse.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

If you have lifted something to heavy for you it could be that you have pulled a muscle or you may have a hernia if the pressure gets worse or painful or just makes you really nervous you need to get in to see your doctor then they will check it out and let you know for sure.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Well if you have a lot of pressure in there, it could signal a urinary tract infection. Perhaps you need to incorporate more water and fiber in your diet.


Answer by  rodney (14)

The cause of pressure in your groin area could be due to several things. You may want to go to the doctor and get that checked out. It could be cancer or something.


Answer by  JSmith0330 (616)

Pressure in the gronia area could be a number of things such as a hernia.Anytime you have pain in the body could be a sign tht something is going on, check with your doctor see what they want you to do.

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