Question by  BethCurry (15)

How do I properly put nail holes in Masonite siding?


Answer by  Brad50 (128)

You will probably find that the best way to get your nail through something hard like Masonite siding is to use a very small drill bit to get your hole started. For something like masonite you will want a very hard drill tip designed for stone or tile. Once you have a hole started go ahead and drive your nail.


Answer by  Sara89 (367)

Depending on the size of nails you're using, it is usually not necessary to drill pilot holes in Masonite. If you need to, though, use a very small drill bit to prime a pilot hole for the nails. You might be happier with the results using screws instead of nails for better strength when building with Masonite.


Answer by  worker9043 (38)

The proper way to attach masonite siding is to pre drill holes the same size diameter as the nail being used. Sink the nail just enough to pull the masonite tight to the structure being careful not to crack the masonite.

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