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Question by  LoLa84 (32)

How do I pour a continuous foundation?


Answer by  Petalmaker1 (263)

A continuous cement foundation is only used for small spaces, such as garages. Larger foundations need sectional cement pouring to make allowance for movement due to heat expansion, for example. Mix cement with care, lay out wooden frames for your foundation and pour in one continuous bulk, allowing it to settle before smoothing out.


Answer by  Jakecutter (1819)

First remember this has to be done in small spaces. Anything poured over a wide area won't work and eventually crumble or cave in. Lay out your area and then pour your cement very carefully.


Answer by  thelostone (1457)

To pour a continous foundation you will need to form out the entire foundation and set up the rebar in place. Once that is done you then have concrete delivered and pour it all at once until it is done.


Answer by  sparky74 (18)

First, you must survey the area and dig a trench. Next, install siding and footings along the perimeter in the desired shape. Finally, pour concrete into the area and level it with a rake.

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