Question by  Salinda (48)

How to put plumbing under a slab foundation?

I need to install plumbing under a slab foundation.


Answer by  Prigger (19)

There is really only one way to do that, you have to break up the slab in the areas that you need to put your pipes, if it is on the edge of the slab you might be able to get away with digging under it.


Answer by  RyHeab (54)

Cut out the spot in the slab where the plumbing is to come up out of and you will have to hire a horizontal boring contractor.


Answer by  navyt34driver (26)

Unfortunatly the only way to fix plumbing under a slab foundation is to break the concrete, the new plumbing needs to lay on gravel also should be insulated prior to putting concrete down.


Answer by  JD (129)

Mark on the concrete where the center of drain and supply lines will be located. Mark 1/2 the diameter of the pipe plus 2" to each side of the lines. Cut the slab along the outside lines. Jackhammer concrete from inside the cuts. Install plumbing and then repour concrete.


Answer by  f66 (40)

You will have to either jack hammer the slab where the plumbing will go, or you will have to undermine under the slab.

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