Question by  ryanchabbb (10)

How much energy usage does it cost to use a flat-screen television?


Answer by  mox386 (66)

To get an estimate look at the back of the device and find the number of Watts it uses, this will take a little intelligence, this number should be below 1500 W. Divide by 1000 and multiply by the rate from your electric bill and this is roughly the cost per hour. It should be around a dime an hour.


Answer by  andy87 (21)

It all depends on size of the tv and weither it be lcd or plasma an average plasma takes 338 watts of power and a average LCD only using 176 watts therefore the lcd tv would be the cheaper and the more greener option and with a average yearly cost of around $26 of electricity


Answer by  UmeshG (404)

There is no different between normal screen TV and Flat-Screen TV because both are taking same energy only and it cost you the same because TV manufacture are modified from normal TV to flat TV to attract customer. But yes there is a really difference in cost of energy in LCD.

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