Question by  Stancu (20)

How do I perform a hydraulic valve repair on a Ford 3000 tractor?


Answer by  redfont (6)

1. Loosen all the fittings feeding the valve. 2. Note the location of lines connected to the valve. 4. Disconnect lines and remove the valve. 3. Rebuild with rebuild kit.


Answer by  ozzyd77 (16)

It is very difficult to perform a hydraulic valve repair on a Ford 3000 tractor. I suggest you bring the tractor to a trusted repair shop that deals specifically with tractors. This is not a one man job so unless you have intelligent willing friends I would bring it to a repair shop.


Answer by  DavidS (1517)

The first step is to loosen all of the fittings feeding the valve to relieve the pressure. Once the pressure is relieved note the location of each line connected to the valve. From this point disconnect all of the lines and remove the valve. Your rebuild kit should give you a breakdown of the valve for tear down and rebuild.


Answer by  Nijinsky (55)

Regardless if it's a Ford, Case or any other type tractor all hydraulic valve's or pumps have either a rubber O Ring or seal to prevent fluid blow by. Most all valve's or pumps can be taken apart to replace the seal or O-rings. The manufacturer also most all the time has repair kits.


Answer by  jorge28 (6)

You have to bring to the machine shop, an expert in motor there will help you in yout difficult task.


Answer by  japratt (1687)

If you are wanting perform a hydraulic valve repair then you will need to raise up the tractor first. Then you will be able to repair it with the parts you have.

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