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Question by  msb13sm (19)

How do I make homemade puppy food?

I want to know what my dog is eating.


Answer by  Erynn (1651)

Dogs are omnivorous, but can't eat all vegetables and require more meat. Rice, Chicken and vegetables such as carrots. Never feed it chocolate, raisins or caffeine. Never corn based food.


Answer by  dtb (257)

In order to make homemade puppy food, you need the ingredients eggs, rice, bread, bone meal, browned meat, and dog vitamin. Dogs love meat, so a lot of browned meat would be best. If you cook the eggs and the rice, put a tiny bit or bread, a lot of meat, and some dog vitamin you should make good food!


Answer by  Dianne857 (105)

Puppies can eat a variety of foods including a mixture of cooked carrots and rice and any type of cooked meat (like chicken, turkey, or beef). Just mix it all up in a food processor until it's the consistency of baby food.


Answer by  Nanthawat (131)

Chicken and rice is very good for a dog. You can boil chicken, but make sure you remove all bones, chicken bones are very harmful to dogs. Never feed a dog pork.


Answer by  DeAngelo (39)

My favorite food to make my pup is soup. Levi loves it. IF you can make it for yourself most times your dog can eat it as well. My dog loves chicken noodle soup. I use cooked chunked/pulled chicken breasts, baby carotts, celery and potatoes. Levi CANNOT have garlic, onions ot tomoatoes because of the gas and cramps he gets.


Answer by  flower2 (143)

Actually, a lot of people make their own food for their dog. Dogs need a variety of vegetables, fruits and meats, just like humans. You can probably find some different recipes online, and try a few out to see what your dog prefers. You should also look up things your dog should NOT have, such as grapes or apple seeds.

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