Question by  Jaice (15)

How do I make a purl stitch in knitting?


Answer by  Cathie (670)

This is very easy, it is the reverse, basically of the knit stitch. Insert right hook downwards into stitch on left kneedle. Loop the yarn around the needle and pull it out, (while keeping the loop on the needle) and up.


Answer by  Xennia (104)

To make a Purl stitch is really quite simple. First you bring your yarn forward(In front of the needles instead of behind the work). The right needle goes in front of the left needle instead behind it. Lay the yarn over the stitch and make the stitch.


Answer by  ihatetv (581)

A purl is a knit backward. Keep your yarn in the front, put your needle under the stitch from back to front, wrap yarn around and pull under and through.


Answer by  erinica11 (48)

For righthanded: Hold the needle with stitches in left hand with the yarn in the front. With your right hand, insert an empty needle into the first stitch from right to left and wrap the free yarn once around the needle and pull through. Repeat across row.


Answer by  EileanT (31)

When about to make the next stitch, place the working strand on the side of the work facing you. Then put the working needle into the front of the next stitch. Wrap the yarn around the working needle and flip the stitch onto the working needle as usual.


Answer by  lolson39 (206)

Insert the right knitting needle into the front of the stitch. Use your right hand to loop the yarn around the knitting needle. Then pull the needle through to the back and lift it off the needle.


Answer by  Victoria88 (63)

Pass yarn around needle to the front of the work. Insert right hand needle into front of next stitch on left hand needle, wrap yarn over and pull loop through.

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