Question by  Rajiv (51)

How do I make a carburetor adjustment on my motorcycle?

I have a Honda V65.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

I assume your bike is carbuerated. On most bikes with carbs when you want to change the fuel mix then you must open the carbs and change out the jet. On you bike though you have crews under press fit caps that may be difficult to remove and install.


Answer by  Gsxr1100 (34)

That's hard to say. Where do you think it need's adjustment ..? Idle,midrange or top end. If it's idling rough,check plug's for wear and color.Color say's alot right there.Check for good spark,plug wire's,coil output,clogged fuel filter,bad gas,air filter. Check for vacuum leak's with WD40. May be time to clean them.

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