Question by  heatherh (33)

How do I make a Capri Sun bag?


Answer by  Stephie45 (9)

These are super easy but you need a strong needle in your sewing machine. Take 8 cleaned out juice pouches. You will sew 6 together for front and back. Attach with 2 to make the bottom. We used velcrow to close and pretty wired ribbon for the handle.


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

One design takes about 27 pouches. It is suggested to flatten them with a rolling pin, but I would cut off the back side and wash them. Sew a bottom of four pouches and do the sides accordingly. I would suggest a vinyl or clear colored plastic for the straps.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

First you need to collect Capri Juice Containers, wash out throughly and let dry. Once dried cut the packages or boxes in two. ( front and back) Now there are two way you can do this. Punch holes along the sides and attach with yarn or leave 1/2 edge and sew pieces together on the machine.


Answer by  mechturkuser (44)

Drink & wash out Capri bags for the size of purse you will make - approx. 27. Sew 4 pieced together to the bottom of the bag (repeat for the other side). Now sew bags together in a 3x3 pattern for two side ( can be taller is you want) Attach the sides. Add ribbon for handle.


Answer by  Alisa (903)

A Capri Sun bag should be made from a durable material. Make the bag large with a large shoulder strap. You may want to find a semi-waterproof fabric. Usually a floral or bright color is used. Remember to sew from the inside so, you will not see the seams. Double stitch all areas.

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