Question by  NatashaPolak (26)

How do I know what to add in the way of vitamin supplements?

I'm not sure how to know if I am getting enough vitamins from food.


Answer by  godocgo (70)

You can have bloodwork done by a medical doctor to find out if you need more than the recommended daily allowance of any particular vitamin or mineral. Otherwise, select a general multi-vitamin to get well balance nutritional support. Read the information panel on the back, and see if it covers 100% of the recommended daily allowances.


Answer by  Hoardy (454)

The best way to know what vitamins to take is, of course, to consult a doctor. Different people have different needs, such as how much you exercise and eat.


Answer by  mistika (121)

You should always consult your family physician before starting a vitamin and mineral supplement routine. Keep a food log of your diet for one week and bring this with you to your doctor. They will be able to let you know if you are lacking in any specific nutrients.


Answer by  Betty46 (60)

Ask your doctor to run a blood test. I just had one and found out I'm deficient in vitamins B-12 and D. Not just vegans and vegetarians, but anybody with a poor diet should be checked too.

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