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Question by  Kris (797)

How do I know if my rabbit has sore hocks?

he has been acting strange lately.


Answer by  jt9 (29)

Your rabbit has sore hocks when you look at the bottom of its back feet and the fur is rubbed off. It can get rather bad and is often caused by your rabbit sitting on the metal caging of the cage floor. Give your rabbit straw to sit on.


Answer by  laurencesmith1 (106)

The symptoms of sore hocks affect the soles of a rabbits feet. They include: rawness and inflammationm, uclers and pink calluses.


Answer by  Balaji (325)

You can have to find the changes in rabbit. There will be changes in behaviour. It will have dullness in his behaviour. It will have soreness and it will not have proper food and it will have some time to swallow. It will have less intake of food. It is have thinking in it.


Answer by  Anjou (48)

If your bunny doesn't have a small rug for napping inside his wire-bottomed cage, his hocks will be sore. Also, check if your bunny's nails need trimming.

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