Question by  bnb5 (51)

How do I know how many DDR slots are on my motherboard?


Answer by  Zeeta (261)

If your computer is from a well-known manufacturer, it is often possible to find this kind of data from the manufacturer's website. Therefore, go to the site and make there a search for example by the model number of you computer. Another way to find the thing out is to open the computer's case and count the slots visually.


Answer by  rca666 (37)

Remove the cover of the PC. Look for slim connectors about 3 inches long on the system board. These are DDR memory slots. Another perhaps simpler method is to go to the website of the maker of your PC. Look up the user manual, it should tell you the specifications of the board and the number of slots available.


Answer by  marbozon (93)

DDR slots are the slots which your memory chips sit in. You can either check the documentation for your motherboard or open the case and count the slots.


Answer by  chriskim (61)

If you know what a DDR slot looks like, you can open up your case and look. If not, you need to find the manual for the motherboard and look at the specifications section, it will list it here.

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