Question by  hms (41)

How to test a motherboard using another personal computer?

I need to test my motherboard using a different pc.


Answer by  DM (228)

You can use parts from an existing PC to test a motherboard. If the motherboard to be tested does not come with onboard video, sound, or networking, use these parts from the existing PC to essentially rebuild a new PC with the testing motherboard. Also utilize the existing monitor, keyboard and mouse.


Answer by  mooman2679 (1018)

The easiest way to test a motherboard would be to just plug the hard drive from a working computer into it. This should see if the motherboard works.


Answer by  rhelt (461)

Testing the motherboard is one of the last things I do when troubleshooting a computer issue unless there are obvious signs of failure such as burn marks or visible damage. To test the motherboard using spare parts, you will need to swap out all other hardware and see if it boots up. This includes CPU, RAM, power supply, etc.


Answer by  SystemOwner (137)

Determine the compatibility of the other personal computer's specifications each motherboard is made to be compatible with a specific processor manufacturer its either for Intel or AMD. Each motherboard also accepts a specific type of memory modules, video cards, hard drive and cables


Answer by  anbu (5968)

The PCIbus, provides the technology for realizing a revolutionary, new method of motherboard testing. Functional testing through the motherboard's PCIbus provides a tool for greater flexibility and an increased in efficiency over traditional testing methods. A PCIbus-based motherboard functional testing process demonstrates that it can provide an alternative solution to the existing high-production motherboard testing methods.


Answer by  mahes (32209)

wherein the adaptor pins connect to the target-system motherboard on a solder-side , motherboard immediately opposite a location where the at least one memory-module sockets have been removed;


Answer by  puckettgw (118)

Your motherboard IS your PC. In order to test it for defects, you would need another CPU, another set of RAM, another video card, another power supply, another hard drive, and various other components -- all of which would need to be compatible with the motherboard.

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