Question by  Yvet (13)

What processor can I get for a motherboard that has socket 7?

I need a suggestion for a motherboard.


Answer by  Diddum (348)

Socket 7 is very old technology. The main processors that used it were the AMD K5 and K6, the Cyrix 6x86 and 6x86MX, the Intel Pentium (2. 5 V to 3. 5 V, 75 to 200 MHz), and the Pentium MMX (166 to 233 MHz).


Answer by  zubairkhan (13)

Socket 7 supports a wide range of CPUs. You can get any of these: Intel Pentium Microprocessors, and compatibles made by Cyrix/IBM, AMD, IDT, etc. It specifically supports: AMD K5, AMD K6, AMD K6-2, AMD K6-III, Intel Pentium (non-MMX)(75 MHz-200 MHz), Intel Pentium MMX (166 MHz-233 MHz), Rise Technology MP6, ST 6x86, etc.


Answer by  mld4165 (28)

The socket 7 handles a wide range of processors; from Intel Pentium, Intel Pentium MMX, AMD K5, AMD K6, Cyrix 6x86, IDT WinChip, and the Rise Technology mP6.


Answer by  celezar (12)

CPUs that use Socket 7: AMD K5, Pentium MMX , IDT WinChip, Rise Technology mP6, Intel Pentium (2. 5 V to 3. 5 V, 75 to 200 MHz), Cyrix 6x86.

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