Question by  ericathompson (9)

How do I improve my shooting technique in soccer?


Answer by  smozie (31)

if you are going for power make sure you knee is over the ball while striking with the laces, if you want to curl for accuracy then lock your ankle just as you come in contact with the ball, always follow through with you movement.


Answer by  alz (2329)

Practice is always the best way. When you practice, always shoot on an actual goalie and aim for the corners. Although the shots in the air look prettier, the ones on the ground to the corners are the hardest for a goalie to save. To shoot the ball harder, kick it with your laces.


Answer by  worker3059 (35)

To improve shooting, the best way is simple practice - as they say, practice makes perfect. You can study other players and how they line up then strike a shot, to try to imitate their actions. One method could be to keep your head down/over the ball as you strike through it, with your arms outstretched to maintain balance.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

Like anything in sports, the best way to improve your shooting technique in soccer is by repition, so constant practice.

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