Question by  Gasolina (31)

What is the law in Indiana regarding shooting an intruder?

If someone is trespassing on my property, and I feel he is a threat, can I legally shoot to kill?


Answer by  patti (29325)

The individual must pose a real threat, which would include entering your home without permission, refusing to leave and threatening (in some way, per your perception) to harm you or yours. You may not shoot somebody who sets foot on your land. Speak to a local police officer for the last word and some good advice on this matter.


Answer by  Anonymous

It's more than just feeling that you are in danger. You must have a reasonable belief that you are in danger of serious bodily harm (which would include death). There is no black and white rule to this, so I would be cautious before pulling the trigger!


Answer by  Barbara5238 (12)

In the state of Indiana, it is legal to shoot an individuals as long as they pose a threat or intent to do harm to an individual in your house. I would recommend that you talk to local officials about this matter, or perhaps a legal firm or an attorney.


Answer by  Kurt (4579)

You would be within your rights to shoot the person IF the person has entered your house and you feel you are in danger. But not just on your property.


Answer by  Anonymous

It is a stupid law that causes victims to be arrested for defending themselves. There is a huge gray area in they were a threat. If they have no weapon and walk toward you is that a threat? that you can kill someone. I doubt it.

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