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Question by  Ryan69 (52)

How do I go about turning in a lease to Nissan?


Answer by  curlz8908 (119)

Many car dealerships allow you to apply to lease a vehicle online. You may choose this option or physically go in to the Nissan Dealership and let them know you want to lease a vehicle. You will need to fill out basic information to determin eligibility and credit worthiness. Once the application is completed you hand it over to be processed.


Answer by  usmc96gt (323)

Well simply by paying money. If there are no problems with the car you cant return it early without a penalty.


Answer by  Rich76 (57)

To turn in a lease to Nissan, simply take the car to a Nissan dealership at the end of the lease period.


Answer by  JohnAndrew (199)

You can either go to any Nissan dealers and let them know you want to lease a car or make an application online. You have to provide information so that your credibility and eligibility will be assessed.

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