Question by  flowerlady (241)

How do I go about raising Rhode Island red chickens?


Answer by  tor (66)

Before you purchase your Rhode Island chickens you will need a chicken house for them. Then when you have them, you need to get them acquianted with where to lay their eggs. When they are 20-204 weeks old they will begin laying eggs.


Answer by  drdoo (33)

The breeder who sold them to you should have some good advice. You'll need a safe place for them to live, chick feed, and a heat lamp, to start with.


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

These are hardy, good "backyard" birds, excellent layers and fryers. Consult your Extension service or breeder for information on housing, feed, they need constant fresh water, and forage-room.


Answer by  Dan3686 (969)

The same way in which you would raise any domesticated chicken breed. Start with few hens and a rooster in a secure and clean hut and let the magic happen.

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