Question by  griffinej5 (49)

How do I go about publishing a file to GoDaddy?


Answer by  Suleiman (30)

Basically, you need to get a program to handle the FTP (file transfer protocol). Write your webpage and send it to GoDaddy's server using the FTP.


Answer by  Jess35 (445)

To publish a file on GoDaddy, you need to first save your file as an html. Then you need to upload your website with your file in it to GoDaddy. To do this you need to download the software program, and use it with your GoDaddy account. If you need help, contact the GoDaddy support team.


Answer by  XTC46 (394)

To add a file to your GoDaddy hosted Website, you need to first upload the file via the FTP information you were given upon sigining up. Once uploaded, the file is available.


Answer by  kmott (188)

GoDaddy is an internet registrar and web hosting service. One way to publish a file there is to open a web hosting account. Then you'll have an allotment of online storage space to publish any file you wish and allow any visitor to have access to it. The home page of your site can be where the file is accessed.

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