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Question by  MikeyRickets76 (8)

How do I go about making a toy car?

I like to make toys.


Answer by  Zanzubar (27)

The first thing you need to make a toy car is adult supervision. To build a toy car you will need 1 - 2x4 5 inches long 2 - Skateboard wheels 4 - Screws (1 inch long) 5 - Power drill or screw driver Using the screws mount the wheels to the 2x4, paint to your desire.


Answer by  anniekiefera (359)

My first answer will be to buy a kit at a hobby shop. my second, I would think of materials and write up a plan and make sure you have the necessary equipment.


Answer by  jah12 (4)

First, I will research the right procedure of doing it so that there's no mistake will commit. Otherwise I'll sketch my own design and prepare the materials to be used.

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