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Question by  Nrs (22)

How do I go about buying model rockets that go into space?

I want to buy some, it sounds like a great hobby.


Answer by  MusicLover30 (279)

A few things you should consider when searching for an item like this: It can be expensive to locate, the price isn't always the same, and you should shop around.


Answer by  adhayes (14)

There are specialty stores for hobbies and things of that nature. That would be the first place I would say go. Your local shopping mall usually has a store that caters to these type hobbies as well.


Answer by  Dale23 (192)

Just recently I saw model rockets at our local Hobby store. They also carry replacement parts along with paints and decals to give them a homemade look.


Answer by  MikeJ (5)

You can start off with smaller ones from Wal-Mart, they won't go to space but the come pre made so its just pick up and go. For one's that can reach space, you would need to go to a specialty store.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

The best place to look for local model rocket or hobby store. Typically they carry all necessary items to get started in the hobby. Also look online for supplies.


Answer by  justint (13)

i don,t think its possible to buy model rockets that go into space because you would have to have government level flight clearence.

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