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Question by  mashashi (19)

How do I go about bidding on HUD home foreclosures?


Answer by  Hewitt302 (1720)

Go to the HUD website and should be a list of dates and places where hud home biddings will take place. Also check with local newspapers and other online news sites. There will be applications to fill out and there may be a small fee to be paid before one can acutally bid on a forclosed home.


Answer by  flamiss22 (5081)

You have to bid through a real estate agent who qualifies to sell HUD houses. After you make your bid he will tell you if it is too low.


Answer by  BranandMike (148)

If you visit major real estate search sites, such as MSN, they had foreclosed homes listed. Contact a realtor or place a bid online through the site. Proof of funds may be required.


Answer by  Dean (4035)

The bid process is determined with regard to the property. Check the various listings for details on how to submit a bid and the terms.

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