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Question by  Begger84 (6)

How do I get rid of dark circles under my eyes?

They are so ugly looking.


Answer by  prissymissy (1895)

First off you can try getting more sleep. Lack of sleep and heredity are usually what cause dark circles. You cannot do anything about heredity but you can get more sleep. Drink more water, use sunscreen and try using an eye cream from the drugstore for the darkness. You can cover them with concealer. Yellow will cancel out the purple.


Answer by  XiaoXin (79)

Get plenty of sleep. Drink lots of fluid/water. Place sliced cucumber over each eye for 20 minutes. Can also try teabags. Clean teabags in water. Squeeze out excess water and place bags over eyes.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

A lot of under eye circles are heredity which means there's not much you can do. Learn to use make up to hide the circles and get plenty of rest.


Answer by  Guam (158)

One of the tricks to get rid of dark circles under your eyes is to get lots of sleep at night. Another popular way is to put cucumbers under on your eyes for about an hour.

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