Question by  Alisha79 (35)

How do I get cell phone directory assistance?

Is there cell phone directory assistance?


Answer by  HEAJG (500)

Well yes you can get the cell phone directory assistance by usually pressing star, o or 411. Try all three. Go with star first.


Answer by  phil94 (202)

You can find your cell phones directory assistance usually in the phone book section in your phone. Usually it is automatically programed.


Answer by  Bubba56 (31)

Yes with at&t you can just call 411 and you can talk to a professional about what ever you need to talk about from how to turn it on all the way to how to turn it off.


Answer by  Snichole (195)

Depending on the cell phone directory you're using, the directory should have contact information, a faqs page, or something regarding help. If it does not, then I'd say they're not too worthy to be considered a cell directory.

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