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Question by  RingoStarr (31)

How do I fix temperature gauge problems on my car?


Answer by  jeffro6770 (70)

Cause of problem will need to be determined. Check operation of temp sensor using a volt/ohm meter. Check wiring from temp sensor to gauge for broken wires, chaffing, or unplugged or corroded connectors. And check gauge itself using a volt/ohm meter.


Answer by  KevinLSt3t (120)

Check water/coolant levels in car. Then check to see if thermostat needs replacing. Check water pump to make sure water flow is good. Replace gauge afterwards.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well you should first check all the connections in the system. Then determine if the sending unit or the gauge is bad. Then just replace or fix it. In most cases the sending unit just goes bad or a ground wire comes loose and give a bad reading.


Answer by  ilikesmirf (147)

Check the fuses first. Then see if the gauge moves at all, if not a new console may be needed. If you have a fluctuating gauge where it goes up and down randomly, then it may need a new thermostat.


Answer by  PANKAJ59 (3)

The temperature sensor has a two-wire electrical connector. Just swap two wires on the sensor and two wires at the instrument cluster.

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