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Question by  chickencheeseuiu (19)

What suggestions do you have about sears riding lawn mowers and electric clutch problems?

Can I fix or replace this myself?


Answer by  Sky75 (216)

Sears mowers can be just as good as any other brand. It all depends on what kind of mower best suits you. As for replaceing the electric clutch most people can replace them. They are on held in by a bolt or two and plug into a pigtail. Not a hard job at all.


Answer by  kqwik (317)

Sears Craftsman mowers are known to have electric blade cluth problems. There are 2 remedies. One could simply be a new clutch switch. On the other hand, sometimes the clutch switch burns out the safety switch linked to the blades. A service tech would probably be needed to replace the safety switch. You can do the clutch switch.


Answer by  dakmor (35)

Well most manufacturers require that you take their product back for maintainability. With just cause too. Sometimes you may believe its one thing but may in fact be another.

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