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Question by  Telly (28)

How do I fix an engine knock for my Jaguar?


Answer by  Allstar (2071)

Try using a higher octane fuel. If that doesn't fix the problem, have the car tuned up and replace the spark plugs. If that still doesn't work, have a qualified mechanic repair the engine.


Answer by  6ixk (1156)

Take it to get it tuned up, they should do a valve alignment job. Your valves aren't top dead center, so they are causing a misfire in that cylinder. Another option would be your spark plug isn't gap set correctly. Check the spark plug before the tune up, it may be your problem.


Answer by  freebird53 (33)

The actual cause of the knock is the real issue. If the knock occurs during acceleration your timing may be off. Knocking can also be the result of low octane fuel. If these items are addressed and the knocking persists there could be more serious problems. These other problems are related to a worn engine needing a rebuild.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

If it's gas related use a higher grade and check the timing. If it's a mechanical issue then it is time to tear the engine down and rebuild it.


Answer by  MarkGress (479)

The only fix for an engine knock is going to be a complete engine rebuild or engine replacement. The engine has to be torn down.


Answer by  Wrenchman (638)

First try replacing the spark plugs and perform a general tune-up. If that doesn't fix it, you might try running a higher octane fuel.


Answer by  Hashim (25)

Get the injectors cleaned and air filter changed, you might also like to add fuel additives which also clean injectors without opening them.


Answer by  VSauce (85)

To fix a knock, you will have to rebuild or replace the engine. To quiet the knock you can use motor honey, but this isn't a fix.


Answer by  Jennytaurus (144)

Take you can to a dealer or a local car repair shop that can pinpoint what that knock could be. IT could be upped end noise which is usually valve noise. It could also be lower end noise which is usually crank bearings. If that is the case, you might need a new engine.


Answer by  Steven (309)

There is nothing you can really do for an engine knock besides replacing the entire engine. It is best to replace your current bad engine with a used one. Otherwise it'll cost much more.


Answer by  laura27 (1216)

The timing could be off or low octane fuel. If these are not the case it could be a more serious problem. To the point where the engine needs to be rebuild or may need to be replace depending on how bad this problem is. When a problem like this occur it usually means that the engine needs a rebuild.

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