Question by  Bala (23)

How do I find out the meaning of my name?

My parents don't know. They chose it because they liked it.


Answer by  HawaiianGirl (6906)

As long as your name isn't an original one without a meaning, you can usually find this information online. Do a search of your name in a baby name database or in an online name dictionary. These are sources which will list information about your name such as its meaning and origin.


Answer by  Adelle (277)

You can type your name into Google with the phrase "baby name meaning" and see what turns up. There are many baby namae sites that can tell you the origin and meaning of your name.


Answer by  KnaturallyKnappy (28)

There are several different ways you can find out the meaning of your name. The first and most simple way is to ask people in your family. Second, is by researching online or in books from your local library. The last method is to talk with people who have the same name as you, maybe they've already found the meaning!


Answer by  thewerewolfmage (520)

There are several websites (like ) or baby naming books you can find at a grocery store that might help you find the meaning. However it also depends on which language your name is translated to or from as to which meaning you will get.


Answer by  crackerjack563 (3)

You should find the information using an internet search engine. There are many sites that would give the history and full explanation of it.

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