Question by  jenred66 (8)

How do I find Fabric Crayons wholesale?


Answer by  hsweet (40)

Enter "fabric crayons, suppliers" into your web search engine. If you are unable to locate an acceptable match call a local fabric store and request the name of the manufacturer of the fabric crayons that they sell. Call the manufacturer or access their website to locate their closest distributor.


Answer by  kitty714 (18)

You can start by typing "Fabric Crayons" + "wholesale" into a search engine. Google comes up with 737 hits. Then, start clicking on the recommended links until you find a site that meets your qualifications as a wholesale distributor, and, carries the products that you're looking for.


Answer by  swtsu1 (59)

You can find fabric crayons wholesale by doing an online search on a search engine such as Yahoo, MSN, or Google. Type in the key words as shown above, such as "find fabric crayons wholesale. " Upon entering in the search information, a list of websites will be displayed that coincide with your search results.


Answer by  jmr (40)

The internet offers a large database for all types of products. Google is used by the majority of internet searchers online and provides this author the best results. Searching on the specific terms is the best method to get the results you are seeking. Search on "fabric crayon wholesale" first then other configurations if needed.


Answer by  D (11)

The best place to start is searching for "wholesale fabric crayons" on search engines such as Google and Yahoo. A site to check out would be SOS Wholesale Distributing Company.

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