Question by  hannainthetriad (9)

How do I find a Spanish penpal?

I think this would help me learn Spanish more quickly.


Answer by  dc12341980 (43)

You may use search engines such as Yahoo with the keyword penpal in Spanish. You may also try the cultural section under Spanish consulate and/or embassies websites. There are many ways to find penpals, one of them is to take advantage of the convenience of social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter. Have fun writing!


Answer by  michaeledwardhourigan (462)

There are lots of ways to find Spanish pen pals. I suggest searching for the key words Spanish pen pal on , where you'll find a list of different websites that offer that service.


Answer by  mexicanoprah (24)

You can search on Facebook for people in Spain and ask them if they would like to be your penpal or search for penpal orgs in Spanish speaking countries.

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