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Question by  JLA (21)

How do I email from a Cincinnati Bell phone?


Answer by  benji (165)

I simply fiddle around with all the options on my mobile and do it by trial and error!! it's more fun and I found out a lot of cool things on my mobile this way!!


Answer by  boonjax (205)

You can do it online. On the Cincinnati Bell website go to Customer Support -> Handset Help Desk -> You will find a list of mobile handset manufacturers (Sony, Nokia, etc). Choose you handset model. On the right theres a Phone setup menu. Choose Quick Email Setup - that's it.

Reply by digmyspace (249):
Perfect solution boonjax! All you need to do is input account name (zoomtown or FUSE), username and password with your mobile number and everything is sent to your handset. There's also info on how to set other email account in the Email Setup optin.  add a comment

Answer by  mohamedchakir (0)

To access your email, select the Email menu option within the Cincinnati Bell. Select My Email. You will be asked if you have an existing Cincinnati Bell email box (Fuse, Zoomtown etc. ). Select My Email. Scroll down to Email Password and enter your existing email password. Scroll down and select Go You should now see your existing email inbox.


Answer by  srainne (2597)

There are a few ways to work it - easiest way is probably going online to the website. Just go to the e-mail menu option, click on "my e-mail" then enter your email password. Click on "go".


Answer by  light (200)

try the Cincinnati Bell website. It has a lot of info including a trouble shooting and FAQ section. I am sure your problem with how to email from your phone will have a proper answer on it.


Answer by  salsafoodie (3146)

Depending if you have the service or not then you should be able to send and email voicemail message and the other person who would also need the service will be able to listen to the message over the phone. If you follow the promts on the voice mail you should be able to send the message via email.


Answer by  mb (5482)

You can't send an email from a phone. YOu are thinking of text messaging. Cincinnati Bell is just a phone service provider, they don't have emails or texts. You will have to connect to the internet with a internet service provider using an antiquated dail up connection over Cincinnati Bell Phone lines to send an email.


Answer by  Jalaine11 (2043)

The best way for you to know how to fully use your Cincinnati Bell phone is to contact the company directly. They can walk/talk you through the process you are trying to learn. You may contact the through their website, over the phone or through e-mail. You might locate your user manual and looking for your answer there.


Answer by  zackf (105)

At this point in time, submitting email from Cincinatti Bell phones is impossible, unless you want to call up a friend and demand that he or she log in to your email account and dispatch a message to whomever you want to contact. Select phones have inbuilt email, check your instruction manual.

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