Question by  minisudhakaran (77)

How do I determine the diameter of a gun barrel?


Answer by  Jim23 (303)

You have to measure the inside part of the barrel,not the outside. Along those lines, when you talk of a 357 caliber bullet, its really .357 of an inch.


Answer by  Eric6566 (115)

Almost every gun has the caliber listed on the outside. For example a. 270 caliber rifle has a barrel diameter of. 27 inches. Metric measurements are also used, 9 millimeter refers to barrel diameter. If you have any ammunition for the gun it will also be listed there.


Answer by  Ella22 (610)

Caliber or Calibre are terms used for the approximate diameter of a gun's barrel. For rifles you measure the distance between lands (for cartridges outside the U.S.) or grooves (U.S.).


Answer by  devbhatta (4)

Depends on the type of gun. Though, first need to take the gun, bring gauge scale, and measure the diameter of the gun barrel.


Answer by  keke (335)

You can determine the diameter of a gun barrel by using math or using your eyes to estimate if u saw some others before, if you have you can sixe it up and pretty much guess the size. but if you use math your going to have to measure it.


Answer by  lesreg (100)

measure the inside hole across and then add a single ball of lead inside to see if it fits, if the ball weighs 8 then its. 835.

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