Question by  Katie46 (54)

How do I correct run on paragraphs?

I am not very good at writing.


Answer by  Adi (175)

A run on sentence is simply a sentence that needs to be broken up into more sentences, so add periods. For a paragraph, simplify your ideas and "cut the fat. "


Answer by  Zoe (2369)

The best way is to figure out where an idea begins and ends. If you start off talking about types of pizza and then start talking about types of sauce, make the sauce a new paragraph. See where the topic starts to change and start a new paragraph.


Answer by  liblady (366)

Run ons are a very common mistake in English, and the key to breaking the habit is to stop writing the way that you talk. Carefully look at the paragraph, and ask yourself where the subject naturally shifts. This is a good place for a break. Also, check to see if you have extra information that can be omitted.

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