Question by  linarg (20)

How do I convert to wmv9?


Answer by  Johnston (75)

There a quite a few free options for video conversion these days thanks to the work of open source teams. I have found SUPER video converter and Mediacoder to be of the utmost quality. I would recommend SUPER specifically for Windows Media files. You should find that it converts quickly and easily.


Answer by  PowerIsMe (844)

There are quite a few converters available. Popular ones include VirtualDub, VirtualDubMod, Xilisoft Video Converter etc. But in any of these, you may need additional plugins for wmv9.


Answer by  karan0007 (53)

To convert ant file to wmv9 we should use the different software available in the market avi to wmv9 convert , FLV to WMV9 , like this we can use other different software to convert this files to the WMV9 so thus u can convert any file to the WMV9 formate .


Answer by  monoacuro (441)

There are a lot of media format converters out there, even some freeware.I know theres a program you can use by made my Brothersoft that lets you convert AVI to wmv9.


Answer by  dulex (28)

There are many applications online that will enable you to do the conversion, but you haven't exactly specified what are you converting from? The logical choice would be 'media converter'.


Answer by  JackNguyen (5)

Usually I use a software named Total Video Converter to convert videos and musics. According to wikipedia, wmv9 is a version of Window Media Video (WMV) format. To convert a video, choose output format and adjust video quality.


Answer by  deepakraturi87 (8)

With the help of wmv9 movie converter, you can convert your video. this movie converter is easily available to the internet.


Answer by  Samhain (115)

The best way to do this would be if you had a decent converter. You do not necessarily do anything else. This is all done by the converter.


Answer by  a31nelson (80)

You can download different programs for converting the video file format you have to a wmv9 file format. The program depends on the file type being converted.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well unless you can find an online video converter you will need to locate a downloadable converter to do the job. Look around to see what other s recommend.

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