Question by  ljk1878 (5)

What could be the cuase of BIOS recognizing my USB but Windows does not?

I keep getting an error message that Windows does not recognize my USB port.


Answer by  tommdesktopconceptscom (19)

The USB port on your system may have a proprietary interface that is supported by your BIOS but requires driver software to be recognized by Windows. Check the processors manufacturer's site for driver code. Be sure to choose the Driver that is for your version of Windows. After that has been downloaded follow the installation instructions.


Answer by  Mahesh58 (34)

The reason could be that windows driver for the particular USB Port has not been installed properly. It could even be hardware problem with the USB controller.


Answer by  RepairItMan (419)

Windows might not have the correct driver for your USB controller. Go to Device Manager, and look for any devices that have a yellow exclamation point, and right click them.


Answer by  vijay85 (9)

uninstall all the USB Roots. Uninstalled all the USb controles. then install the usb driver to windows from the Driver CD.


Answer by  apsaryousuf (22)

your window does not recognizing the usb, 1. disable of usb device at bios set up. 2. corruption of your window operating system. 3. your window is pre 95 os system, it required usb driver. 4. un installation of universal serial bus controllers from your computer device managers.

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