Question by  Izhy (45)

How do I check the status of a Maryland state income tax refund?

I still haven't gotten my refund.


Answer by  Taxmatters (169)

Contact them at 1 800 638-2937 or go to . Explain your problem and they will be able to confirm that the return has been received and inform you why there has been a delay in your refund. Have you moved, or do you still live at the location reported on the return? This may be the problem.


Answer by  CarolR (61)

For Maryland state income tax refund status, call 410-260-7701 from Central Maryland or 1-800-218-8160 for all others. Have a copy of your return for information verification during the call. You can also go online to the Comptroller of Maryland's website, click on refund status, read the directions, enter your SSN and refund amount and then click the check status button.

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