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Question by  marikel13 (22)

How do I care for baby koi?

My Koi recently had babies and I would like to make sure they survive.


Answer by  BrendaG (6111)

Circulation, filtration, aeration, food... Liquid or powdered fry food should be given to the babies for the first month. Make sure water is kept clean and feed often daily.


Answer by  withluck (1745)

The challenge with caring for baby koi is to make sure the adult koi don't eat them. Until they get about three inches in length this is a problem. You should also feed them a food with suppliments that will insure that they have vibrant colors.


Answer by  jtalone (105)

Caring for koi is like caring for any other fish. Make sure the baby fish have food. Also, it is important to keep the water at a certain pH which is best representative of their environment. Also, you should treat the water to stabilize the environment so your fish can live in a healthy environment.


Answer by  shil (171)

The water quality, temperature, size of the tank and feeding habits are the most important things to be taken care. Many small feedings are better than big feeding.

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