Question by  Destiany (107)

How do I break in a composite baseball bat?


Answer by  george60 (7)

You just need to hit with it. Practice with it, the more you use it, it should become broken in.


Answer by  Tony24 (11)

The best thing you can do to break in a composite bat is by hitting off of a tee, or by taking live batting practice. Avoid hitting any synthetic balls.


Answer by  EPatetta (86)

Most bats don't require a "breakin in" process, but if you have to, the best way is to just take some BP.


Answer by  dheis (58)

Due to a composite bat's construction, breaking one in will take some extra time. This extra time is best spent in batting practice using real baseballs in warm weather; cold weather, below 70 degrees, will actually greatly increase the chances of the bat breaking.


Answer by  worker9319 (62)

To break in a composite bat you a real baseball and simply hit with it just toss the ball up and hit it after 100 times it should be good.

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