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Question by  hmg236 (30)

Should I be concerned about eating steak after the sell by dates?

My steak is past the sell by dates.


Answer by  diane23 (1167)

If it within 24-48 hours of the "sell by" date, it is probably still safe to eat. Be sure to cook it thoroughly.


Answer by  John (9008)

With any food, the sell-by date only tells you when it is no longer guaranteed to be fresh. The meat may nor may not actually still be good. You should look at it and smell it; if it looks and smells good, and has no disoloration, it is probably still edible. To be safe, you should cook it thoroughly, however.


Answer by  Julie75 (19)

You can consume steak even past the sell by date. That is the suggested sell by date. Make sure to smell the meat.

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