Question by  sumukh1 (10)

How do I assemble a Hillary Tent?


Answer by  wms10 (93)

Find a dry, level surface that's free of debris. Lay the tent out on top of a ground cloth. Pound in stakes through the corner loops. Insert poles through the appropriate sleeve and secure the ends at each corner. Spread out the rainfly and attach with the appropriate hooks.


Answer by  Macro (122)

Lay it out on the ground, with the rain fly and stakes separate, then run the poles through the tent body to give it shape, then stake it down. Next lay the rain fly on top and secure that to the tent.


Answer by  bentwing86 (6)

In order to assemble a Hillary Tent, you must first lay the tent out (nylon side up) . Next you must stake it down. Now you just insert the long poles through the cloth sleeves going from corner to corner. Secure the poles at each end and that is it.


Answer by  realbuzz (5)

Unpack your bag. The large poles form the main construct of your tent and the smaller poles will form the front. Put the stakes in the ground at each corner.


Answer by  AEF (519)

Lay out the tent on a flat, clear area. Put in the long poles first, they'll make an X. Add the rainfly and the short pole. Stake everything down.


Answer by  chall515 (102)

To assemble unroll the tent on flat level dry piece of land or if you prefer on top of blanket or mat. Place all of the rods out and consult the instructions on how to place them in the tent properly for a sturdy structure. Unzip front of tent and enjoy the sanctuary.


Answer by  lillerj (9)

Choose level, open ground to lay your tent on. Check your instruction guide, but with this type of basic tent, you should stake the corners first, then assemble and insert the two long poles so that they form an X over the tent. Insert poles as appropriate and secure as instructions indicate. The shorter pole often secures the overhang/rain-fly.


Answer by  eyeguy (3760)

assemble the poles and insert them into the sleeves on top of the tent in a criss crossing fashion. The shorter pole is to keep the rainfly taunt. Stake off poles .

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