Question by  Penny65 (18)

Is ready-to-assemble furniture as good as already-assembled furniture?

This is assuming you assemble it correctly.


Answer by  gaildennehy (6)

That depends on what use you have intended. Ready to assemble is a good substitute for already assembled furniture when you need something for short usage. Are your kids growing? Save the good stuff for later,but use a professional assembler. It will last. Dennehy Furniture Assembly, Phoenix


Answer by  Purple (948)

Yes, if you can do it right, have the right tools and don't crack the wood pieces. So many boxes come with poor instructions. Many don't have all the pieces.


Answer by  ktow70 (305)

The answer to that usually lies in the hands of the assembler. Most furniture has to be partially assembled either by the store or the customer usually though the furniture that come in more pieces break easier


Answer by  heatherg (43)

I think it depends on the brand of the "ready-to-assemble" furniture. Just as with already-assembled, it can easily fall apart if the quality is bad.

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