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Question by  Vjj5 (23)

What should I know about tent camping in California?


Answer by  andaman (240)

California is tremendously diverse. The southern part of the state is stiflingly hot during the summer, and the Sierras are draped in snow for most of the winter. Make sure you are prepared for the conditions in the area that you intend to camp in.


Answer by  Chris18 (10)

Some areas restrict fires. It may also be necessary to protect your food from wildlife. California's National Parks provide some excellent opportunities for tent camping.


Answer by  babilot (158)

When the sun goes down it gets cold. When it comes up, it comes up fast and strong, so be sure to have the top covered.


Answer by  Travis (84)

Basically you want to find a place that has been regulated for tent camping usually having to pay a small fee. Or you can be sneaky about it.


Answer by  bsatterfield (131)

Yes you should go tent camping in California. There are plenty of parks and great areas to see the outdoors with little cost. The scenery is fantastic.


Answer by  Sikkim (65)

Most developed camp sites require a nominal fee whereas undeveloped areas in BLM (Bureau of Land Management) areas do not require any payments. My understanding is that you are only allowed to stay in the same spot for a week at a time on BLM land.

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