Question by  espraba (119)

How do I accomplish spray foam insulation removal?

I have some in my walls and attic.


Answer by  TommyC (18)

Spray foam should be cut/ ripped out with hands/ hand tools. Try to make minimal dust. if dust becomes a problem, wear a dust mask. when on smooth flat surfaces, a putty knife will work best, however, in tight places you may have to use a pocket knife. if its in a hole, use a screwdriver to scrape it out


Answer by  AL25 (42)

Use a hand saw, or power saw to cut around the edges then rip it out. you can also use a pry bar and hammer.


Answer by  danieljitaru (277)

Wear latex gloves for several hours until your hands perspire thoroughly. Then take off gloves and wash with soap and warm water. I have personal expirence with this technique and it really works..... It is so adhered, you will pull off layers of skin if you chisel off foam. good luck


Answer by  helper3692 (100)

You need to determine first if the foam insulation is harmful to your lungs. Secondly,you may be able to buy a removal product for the insulation. If not, tou might have to chisel it out one piece at a time.

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