Question by  MKinSA (10)

How difficult is it to install a circuit breaker box on your own?

My old house still has a fuse box.


Answer by  johnchapin (52)

Can you get the power turned off outside of the house? The actual mechanics of swapping a fuse box for a circuit breaker are very simple. The ability to do it safely by shutting off the power (required for safety) is not normally available to untrained people. Plus you must worry about restrictions on violating local government codes.


Answer by  JimmyMace (74)

Disconnect all of the power sources, then carefully label the wires when you disconnect them from the old fuse box. Replace the old fuses with similarly rated circuit breakers - this will ensure you do not overload any of the circuits. Lastly, you install the breakers into the slots in the circuit breaker box. It's moderately difficult.


Answer by  hbdrew14 (137)

Not very if you have done it before. The wiring is the same just make sure the wires are reconnected to the correct terminals on the new panel.

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